Program Partners

Strategic University Partners

The following universities are EWB Australia's strategic partners who are participating in the EWB Challenge Series. Our strategic partners are committed to supporting the development of the future-fit workforce and helping us enable the engineering sector to positively contribude to sustainable development. Each of our strategic partnerships is unique and structured to leverage each of our strengths whilst working towards a set of high-level and long-term objectives.

University Partners

The following universities are currently EWB Australia's university partners who are participating in the EWB Challenge Series.

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Participating Universities

The following universities are currently participating in the EWB Challenge.

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New Zealand


Current Supporters

EWB Challenge program supporters are committed to the enhancement of engineering education. They guide and assist the development, implementation and review of the EWB Challenge program each year.

In Australia and New Zealand, the EWB Challenge program is supported by Engineers Australia and the Australian Council of Engineering Deans.


Our Previous Partners

The EWB Challenge program was sponsored by BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities from 2008 to 2016. EWB recognises and appreciates the significant contribution of this sponsorship in the early stages of program development and implementation. BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities sponsorship enabled the extensive incorporation of the EWB Challenge into first year university courses across Australia and New Zealand and demonstrated a commitment to sustainability education.

From 2011 to 2016, EWB Australia and EWB UK partnered to deliver one EWB Challenge Design Brief developed with our community partner organisations. As of 2016, each organisation has built an independent design brief, supporting and sharing the work of two community-based partner organisations every year. This is available for universities in the UK through the EWB UK 'Designing for People Challenge' website.