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There are many ways to get involved with the EWB Challenge Program and Engineers Without Borders in Australia and New Zealand.

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EWB Challenge 

The EWB Challenge is a unique collaborative platform which links universities, community development organisations, and industry to create a unique education experience.

Learn more about the real sustainable development projects, partnerships, and learning experience at the 'about us' page, or find out about how you can get involved by following the links on the right!



Engineers Without Borders Australia

Engineers Without Borders Australia is a member based organisation leading a movement of like-minded people with strong values and a passion for humanitarian engineering. We seek to inspire and mobilise a global community of engineering for social change and sustainable development through programs that offer engineering students, faculties, and industry the pathway and expertise to re-define engineering as a community-centred profession that provides leadership in the creation of a more sustainable and inclusive world.

There are plenty of ways you can join this powerful movement:   

  • Become a member - by becoming a member, you have an opportunity to play an integral role in our organisation. EWB members are the heart and soul of our community and are passionate about the role they can play in engineering a better world. This is an opportunity for you to volunteer your time on a regular basis and get involved in a range of opportunities that EWB has on offer.

  • Join your local Chapter - EWB Chapters range from university, regional and professional groups - so there is a way to get involved that suits everyone. Chapters bring together EWB members who wish to act as a group and to hold regular meetings, events and work on projects together, and are a great way to become involved at a grass roots level.

  • Become a monthly donor or supporter - Thanks to  generous donors and supports, EWB is able to continue working with communities assisting them to access basic needs such as water, sanitation, energy and education. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and will go toward support EWB to create positive, sustainable change.

  • And so much more! For more information visit the EWB Australia website:

Engineers Without Borders - New Zealand

The EWB Challenge is also run in NZ through our partner EWBNZ. EWBNZ hold the same core mission and values as EWB Australia with the intent to connect, educate and empower people through humanitarian engineering.

There are tons of ways to become an integral part of the EWBNZ family! Please check out their website or Facebook page for more information. 


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