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There are many ways to get involved with the EWB Challenge Program and Engineers Without Borders in Australia and New Zealand.

Find out what is right for you! 



The EWB Challenge Series presents a set of programs that are incorporated into the curriculum of approximately 30 universities across Australia and New Zealand each year. Take a look at our university participation page to see if your university is currently participating in the EWB Challenge program.

Not seeing your university on the participation list?

There are still plenty of ways to be involved with Engineers Without Borders! A great way to start is to contact your university or regional EWB Chapter to find out more about the incredible work they're doing in the humanitarian engineering space.




Academic Coordinator

We welcome new academics who are interested in incorporating the EWB Challenge resources into their first year curriculum. As a package of resources and engagement, the EWB Challenge provides:

  • A real-world design context,
  • Project resources and academic support,
  • A platform for students to develop professional skills, and
  • Opportunity for students to connect with like-minded peers at an annual Showcase,

Please get in touch to talk about what the EWB Challenge might look like at your university.


Project Reviewer

EWB Challenge Reviewer Opportunities 

The EWB Challenge offers engineering and design professionals in our network the opportunity to contribute your skills by becoming reviewers for student reports. Each semester EWB advertises for EWB Challenge reviewers who act as an incredible asset to the program by providing direct feedback to the next generation of engineers. Report reviewers are EWB members and/or employees of our corporate partners.

What's my role?

As  a  reviewer  you  will  assess, score,  and provide  constructive  feedback  on the  humanitarian  engineering design reports completed by first-year students as part of the EWB Challenge program at their university. EWB will provide a framework for the assessment, and the scores will determine which teams are invited to present their work at the EWB Challenge Finalist Showcase. Report reviewing is a great way to share your knowledge to impact next generation engineers, and for students to receive feedback from professionals in industry.

Student reports cover thematic design areas including: Water Supply, Sanitation, ICT or digital systems, Transport, Climate Resilience, Waste Management, Energy, Infrastructure and Construction.

How it works:

The report review process happens twice per year - in JUNE/JULY and NOVEMBER, in line with the university semesters.

  • EWB advertises for reviewers
  • You sign up via an online form and select number of reports you would like to review
  • EWB sends out student reports and all relevant information required to provide feedback
  • You review and score the submissions, and send them back to EWB
  • Students with the highest scoring reports are invited to the annual EWB Challenge Showcase to present their work to their peers, industry, that year's partner organisation. 
  • All reports go back to the community partner and have a chance to be further developed 


EWB Australia works with the best and brightest engineers - emerging and established - bringing human-centred engineering to the fore to address real-world challenges in the countries and communities with which we work, specifically addressing the SDGs.


Donate to support the incubation of innovative student solutions from the EWB Challenge Series, to see them reach their potential impact in communities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region.