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EWB Challenge Scholarship

EWB Challenge Scholarship Program

From 2011 to 2014, the generous support of BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities enabled Engineers Without Borders Australia to offer five EWB Challenge Scholarships per year, recognising high achieving and values-driven students who are passionate about applying their engineering skills to the objectives of community development and poverty eradication.

The EWB Challenge Scholarship Program sponsored students to engage in a range of EWB program activities designed to deepen knowledge of humanitarian engineering and to develop leadership in community development.  The program included the following opportunities for scholars:   Leadership Rewired (an on-line leadership development course), EWB Chapter volunteering; Humanitarian Design Summit (a study tour with EWB partners in locations such as Cambodia, India and Nepal), participation in the Link Festival and student’s final year research project.

BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities is a charity established by BHP Billiton as part of its community investment program. 


*The EWB Challenge Scholarship is currently undergoing changes - please check back here shortly for more details*


Program Activities

Successful EWB Challenge Scholarship applicants have been sponsored to participate in the following activities in the EWB Challenge Scholarship Program:

Link Festival 

  • Link Festival brings together Australia's leading and emerging social innovators to explore how design and technology can create positive change in the world.  
  • EWB Challenge Scholars participate in Link Festival in the first year of their scholarship.
  • A half day workshop for EWB Challenge scholars is held in conjunction with Link Festival for current and new scholars to meet EWB staff, other scholars, and share scholarship experiences and learnings.

Leadership Rewired 

  • Leadership Rewired is a practical e-learning leadership development program.
  • Scholars complete modules, meet by telephone fortnightly for mentoring and group discussions, and participate in regional event.

Humanitarian Design Summits 

  • The Humanitarian Design Summits are study tours where participants have a uniquie opportunity to expand their engineering and community development knowledge while engaging in an overseas education experience. 
  • Scholars select to go on one study tour.

Chapter Leadership Role 

  • Successful EWB Challenge Scholars join EWB as members and are encouraged to take a leadership role within their University Chapter or get involved in their Regional Chapter.
  • Chapters bring EWB members together  to inspire, educate, train, and provide opportunities for members to contribute to EWB’s vision.  Chapter members hold regular meetings, host and participate in events, and work on community projects together.  

Participation in National Council

  • This is EWB’s cornerstone member engagement event!

  • Participants input into EWB's strategies, prioritise region activities, develop key leadership and training skills, and undertake some inspiring team building activities.

EWB Research Program 

  • EWB Challenge scholars are expected to undertake their final year research project with EWB.
  • Scholars are encouraged to undertake their research project in the same region as their Dialogues on Development study tour.

Scholarship Reflections and Report (End of program)

  • EWB Challenge Scholars are required to provide a report to EWB reflecting on their scholarship journey.