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EWB Challenge Reviewer Opportunities 

You don't have to be a student to get involved in the EWB Challenge! 

The EWB Challenge offers engineering and design professionals the opportunity to contribute their skills by becoming reviewers for student reports. Each semester EWB advertises for EWB Challenge reviewers who act as an incredible asset to the program by providing direct feedback to the next generation of engineers! 

Student reports will cover thematic design areas including: 

  • Water Supply and Sanitation 
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Transport
  • Climate Change
  • Waste Management
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure and Construction


How it works

  • EWB will advertise for reviewers prior to the end of each semester
  • You allocate the number of reports and semester of involvement
  • EWB will send out student reports and all relevant information required 
  • You review and score the reports and send them back to EWB
  • The students with the highest scoring reports move onto regional and then national showcases, where students have the opportunity to present their reports to members of that year's partner community. 
  • All reports go back to the community and have a chance to be implemented and make a difference. 


Feeling inspired and want to get involved? 

Please email for more information and to register your interest.