Showcase and Awards

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The annual EWB Challenge Showcase is a fantastic opportunity for EWB Challenge students in Australia and New Zealand to demonstrate their design projects and sustainable engineering solutions in front of community partner representatives and judges, industry professionals, members of the EWB network and public, academics and peers. The Showcase provides finalists with an opportunity to share their ideas, be inspired by their peers, participate in further workshops, network with industry professionals and get involved further with Engineers Without Borders.

Who is invited to present at the EWB Challenge Showcase?

At the conclusion of each academic semester, participating universities submit up to four student projects to EWB. Volunteers from EWB's corporate partner organisations review each project, and the top teams from across Australia and New Zealand are selected to present their work at the Finalists' Showcase Event held annually in early December.

What can I expect from participating in the Showcase?

Over the course of the full day event, top EWB Challenge student teams will have the opportunity to present their design projects to representatives from the community partner organisation who have travelled to Melbourne to hear about their ideas and celebrate their hard work. All teams will share their ideas and a panel of judges will select award-winners in various categories



See highlights from the 2019 EWB Challenge Finalists' Showcase, held as part of the World Engineers Convention in Melbourne, in this wrap up blog post.


Each year the EWB Challenge requires that students use their technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and understanding of the demographic, economic, and social realities of the partner community to design sustainable engineering solutions. See the 'previous top reports' page for a snapshot of some of the high quality student work produced from previous Challenges.