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Information for Academics

We welcome new academics who are interested in incorporating the EWB Challenge into their first year curriculum. If you are looking for a program that provides

  • a real-world design context,

  • project resources and academic support,

  • a platform for students to develop professional skills, and

  • opportunity for students to connect with like-minded peers at an annual Showcase,

please send us an email for more information on how to get your course involved.


You are also welcome to download the 2017 Registration Information document for details on the current program structure and components.

For more information on how the EWB Challenge program works in practice, take a look at the Program Outline and Design Brief examples below.

Give students the opportunity to develop their engineering skills by getting involved in the EWB Challenge and bringing the world into the classroom!

Program Outline

The EWB Challenge is designed to bring humanitarian engineering concepts into the classroom by having students work on real life development issues from communities around the world. To find out more about the structure of the program and participant requirements, take a look at the example Program Ouline below:

2013/2014 Plan_Timor Leste Program Outline

Design Brief

Each year, the EWB Challenge design brief is based on a set of sustainable development projects identified by EWB with its community-based partner organisations. In the past years, the EWB Challenge has included developing innovative sustainble project idea solutions to support communities in India, Cambodia, rural Australia, Timor Leste, and more. In 2013/14 the EWB Challenge partnered with a community organisation in Western Terai area of Nepal, Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH). 

2013/14 Challenge example design brief: 

EWB Challenge_Timor Leste