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We welcome new academics who are interested in incorporating the EWB Challenge resources into their first year curriculum. As a package of resources and engagement, the EWB Challenge provides:

  • a real-world design context,

  • project resources and academic support,

  • a platform for students to develop professional skills, and

  • opportunity for students to connect with like-minded peers at an annual Showcase,

Please get in touch to talk about what the EWB Challenge might look like at your university.

Key Program Details

The EWB Challenge brings value to different universities through a flexible platform of program activities and engagement points. Core activities incorporated in the EWB Challenge program package are listed below:

  • EWB Challenge Program Outline
  • an annual EWB Challenge Design Brief - an outline of the priority areas and projects identified by community representatives and local organisations. Each year, the EWB Challenge Design Brief is based on a set of sustainable development projects identified by EWB with one of our community-based partner organisations. In past years, the EWB Challenge has focused on developing innovative sustainable project ideas to support the work of partners in India, Cambodia, rural Australia, Timor Leste, Zambia, Nepal, and Cameroon. 
  • Supporting Resources - written content, interviews, site data, photos, interactive content, and videos
  • Introductory Academic Workshop – pre-semester workshop for course coordinators and tutors covering topics such as: the project context, partner organisation, appropriate technology and the human-centred design process, updates to the program or resources provided, and knowledge-sharing around 'EWB Challenge in the classroom'. Delivered by region or remotely and customised for participants.
  • Introductory presentation or workshop for students – delivered by an EWB member and/or slides provided to the course coordinator upon request
  • Discussion Forum - hosted on the EWB Challenge website and monitored by EWB
  • External review of top student reports – up to four reports may be submitted to the EWB Challenge for external review by professionals in the engineering industry
  • Opportunities for attendance at the EWB Challenge Showcase – the top student team from each region for semester one and the top student team from each region for semester two will be invited to represent their university at the EWB Challenge Showcase


Download a Program Summary .

Give students the opportunity to develop their engineering skills by getting involved in the EWB Challenge and bringing the world into the classroom!