2018 EWB Challenge Awards

The 2018 EWB Challenge program was delivered in partnership with the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT), a local Cambodian NGO who aims to create positive outcomes for rural communities and the environment throughout the northeast of Cambodia. Their work is primarily focused on community development and natural resource management. Since its founding in 2001, the organisation has moved from the implementation of single projects to an integrated approach with international partners across the community development and natural resource management space. 

More information on CRDT’s vision, mission and values as well as their work can be found here.

The 2018 EWB Challenge focused on CRDT’s work with three adjacent communities along the Mekong River in the Sambo District of Kratie Province: Ksach Leav, Koh Khnear, and Puntha Chea. The EWB Challenge looks at CRDT’s current and completed projects and focused on design areas such as water supply, sanitation and hygiene, energy, agricultural systems, waste management, ICT and conservation and livelihoods. Students were asked to develop design contacts that addresses one or more of the above design areas.


EWB Challenge Showcase

The EWB Challenge Showcase is an end of the year annual event, where the Finalist teams from participating universities in Australia and New Zealand of the EWB Challenge are invited to present their design concepts. They are given the opportunity to not only present their design concepts but also participate in various professional development workshops that are focused on humanitarian engineering. The invited teams in the showcase are also eligible for selection of following awards.

To read more about the 2018 EWB Challenge Showcase visit the EWB Australia website.


Awards at the 2018 EWB Challenge Finalists Showcase 


EWB Challenge Showcase Award is awarded to a finalist team for best overall presentation and concept on the day. The 2018 EWB Challenge Showcase winner was Curtin University. The title of the Project is:

A small-scale road maintenance solution to the problem of road deterioration in the Ou Kreang Commune, Kratie Province, Cambodia

Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) Award is awarded for most appropriate and interesting community-focused concept on the day, as determined by partner representatives. The 2018 CRDT Award winner was Federation University. The title of the project is:


Industry Reviewer Award is awarded for the highest-scoring submission to the EWB Challenge Finalists process, as determined by EWB Challenge reviewers. The 2018 Industry Reviewer award was awarded to University of Sydney. The title of the design concept is:

'Sustainable and Accessible Water Purification'

People's Choice Award is an award voted on by participants on the day. The 2018 EWB Challenge Showcase voting forms revealed three universities as People’s Choice Awardees. They were University of Melbourne, Swinburne University and University of Queensland. The title of each awardee’s projects is below:

University of Melbourne: “The Meal Garden”

Swinburne University: “Mind Your Own Beeznest”

University of Queensland: “Water Treatment: Purity Pail”



To read the summaries and full reports of the above projects, click here.

List of all showcase finalists can be found here.