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2018 EWB Challenge Awards

The 2018 EWB Challenge program was delivered in partnership with the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT), a local NGO focused on community development and natural resource management throughout the northeast of Cambodia. 


Awards at the EWB Challenge Finalists Showcase

EWB Challenge Showcase Award for best overall presentation and concept on the day:

Curtin University, 'A Solution To Road Degradation And Road Maintenance Problems Within Kratie Province'


Cambodian Rural Development Team Award for most appropriate and interesting community-focused concept on the day, as determined by partner representatives:

Federation University, 'Aquaponics'


Industry Reviewer Award for the highest-scoring submission to the EWB Challenge Finalists process, as determined by EWB Challenge reviewers:

University of Sydney, 'Sustainable and Accessible Water Purification'


People's Choice Award as voted on by participants on the day:

University of Melbourne, 'The Meal Garden'

Swinburne University, 'Mind Your Own Beeznest'

University of Queensland, 'Water Treatment: Purity Pail'