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2013 EWB Challenge Awards

The 2013 EWB Challenge was completed in partnership with international NGO, Plan, in Timor-Leste. They work to improve the lives of children, in order to help them realise their potential by accessing basic needs including education, clean water and sanitation. The EWB Challenge focussed on Codo, a community within the Lautem district of Timor-Leste. The collaboration of Plan and EWB produced seven areas of improvement - Housing, WAter Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Energy, Waste Management, Transportation, ICT and Climate Change. These areas of growth were sought to have broader implications for the improvement of the lives of the village children.

Approximately 7500 students from 29 universities across Australia and New Zealand participated in the EWB Challenge during 2013. Teams with the highest marks from each university were able to present their design at a Regional Showcase, where a regional representative was chosen. These teams competed at a National Showcase, held in Melbourne. Held annually at the end of the year, the National Showcases allow students to present their projects to an audience of peers, academics, engineering professionals and members of the community for which the projects are designed for. It's a unique opportunity for teams to share their work with members of the year's EWB Challenge community partner group and to possibly have the opportunity to have their project be implemented. 

All reports submitted to the EWB Challenge for review went back to Plan in Timor Leste, with the possibility to be implemented at the community’s discretion.

Awards at EWB Challenge Finalist Showcase

EWB Challenge Champion Team Award for best overall student project: The University of Western Australia
Report: Mosquito Trap 

BHP Billiton Award for sustainability and community engagement: Southern Cross University
Report: Water Filtration:  Timor-Leste


Awards at Regional Showcase Events

NZ Regional Finalist for top student team in New Zealand: Massey University
Report: Effective and affordable roofing for Codo, Timor Leste

ACT Regional Finalist for top student team in the Australian Capital Territory: Australian National University
Report: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

WA and NT Regional Finalist for top student team in Western Australia and the Northern Territory: The University of Western Australia
Report: Mosquito Trap

SA Regional Finalist for top student team in South Australia: Flinders University
Report: Building sustainability using hemp and bamboo combined plantations in Timor Leste

NSW Regional Finalist for top student team in New South Wales: University of Technology Sydney
Report: Climate change and water security in Timor Leste

VIC Regional Finalist for top student team in Victoria: The University of Melbourne
Report: Operation sanitation

QLD Regional Finalist for top student team in Queensland and Northern New South Wales: Southern Cross University
Report: Water Filtration: Timor Leste

University of Western Australia team presentation