2011 EWB Challenge Awards

In partnership with Pitchandikulam Forest, the EWB Challenge 2011 sought to create sustainable designs for the Indian community of Devikulam, located in the principality of Tamil Nadu.  Pitchandikulam Forest originally provided knowledge on sustainable land usage and eco-friendly practices, but has now extended to include projects on sustainability, empowering women, alternative income and health programs.

The project focussed on several aims – it sought to improve the living standards of citizens by developing the existing infrastructure and promote local industry development to increase employment prospects. The EWB Challenge also aimed to produce eco-friendly designs that focussed on clean water and waste treatment, sustainable energy usage as well as efficient use of building materials in design.

EWB Champion Team Award for best overall project: The University of Western Australia
Report: Organic Waste Management: a Vermicomposting solution

BHP Billiton Award for sustainability and community engagement: The University of Queensland
Report: Devikulam Water Purification Project