2010 EWB Challenge Awards

Kooma Traditional Owners Association Inc (KTOAI) are an organisation located in south-west Queensland that works with Indigenous Australians to maintain the cultural and natural heritage of traditional lands. Two properties, Murra Murra and Bendee Downs were granted to the organisation in 2000. Whilst there are only two families that live permanently on these lands, the properties are used for many applications by the local Indigenous community. The Kooma people experience the same disadvantages that many other Indigenous Australians do, which are in the areas of education, health and employment. EWB has several partnerships with Indigenous organisations, aiming to improve their quality of life through sustainable engineering and education, as well as enable shared learning between both organisations. In the past, EWB has worked with KTOAI to implement a waste management plan, install solar panels at Murra Murra and also to improve waterway management with the help of Melbourne Water.

KTOIA and EWB sought to redevelop the Bendee Downs site to create a regional hub that can enable training and cultural renewal. The site should be made financially viable in order to be able to maintain the local ecology.

EWB Challenge Champion Team Award for best overall project: Queensland University of Technology
Report: Bendee Downs Eco-Tourism Proposal

BHP Billiton Award for Sustainable Design and Appropriate Technology: The University of Western Australia
Report: Solar Ice at Bendee Downs